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Federico on the set of "ZNation" shooting a scene with Emilio Rivera from "Sons of Anarchy" and the rest of the Znation cast.

Fede’s unusual journey starts on the hills of Tuscany. He always knew he was meant to do something out of the ordinary and began to find his purpose as he moved between three different continents as a kid. Living in Italy, Venezuela, and North America exposed him to diverse cultures and a myriad of different people. This allows him to understand the differing artistic demands of storytellers and go to great extents to achieve the director’s vision. 


Fede has been a professional Cinematographer and Operator for over 15 years and has worked on countless projects all over the world. He primarily works on narrative projects such as features and TV series, but also often takes on documentaries and commercials. Some of his most recent cinematography credits include the award winning feature, “Alone” directed by John Hyams and 2nd Unit Cinematography on the TV Show "The Purge"  He has also operated on numerous projects such as “Key and Peele", "Deep Water" starring Ben Affleck, and Kevin Smith's "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot."


Fede is passionate about bringing stories to life in an unusual and beautiful way. He is not afraid of getting his hands dirty and is ready to get involved in the next project that will challenge and stretch him to new levels. 

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